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ResHelper Class
Provides methods to provide localized resource strings
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.Helpers
Assembly: CMS.Helpers (in CMS.Helpers.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public static class ResHelper

The ResHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberContainsLocalizationMacro
Returns true, if the given text contains a localization macro
Public methodStatic memberGetAPIString(String, String)
Returns specified string for the API usage (the default value is used when string is not found).
Public methodStatic memberGetAPIString(String, String, String)
Returns specified string.
Public methodStatic memberGetFileString
Returns specified string.
Public methodStatic memberGetString
Returns specified string.
Public methodStatic memberGetStringFormat
Gets the given string and formats it with the standard String.Format method
Public methodStatic memberLocalizeExpression
Localizes the given expression, handles two types of expressions: stringkey - Simple localization =default string|cs-cz=localized string - advanced localization
Public methodStatic memberLocalizeFileString
Replaces "{$stringname$}" expressions in given text with localized strings.
Public methodStatic memberLocalizeString
Replaces "{$stringname$}" expressions in given text with localized strings using given culture.
Public methodStatic memberTranslationFoundForLocalizedString
Detects whether translation can be found for the given localized string
Public propertyStatic memberColon
Colon symbol.
Public propertyStatic memberComma
Comma symbol.
Public propertyStatic memberCultureSeparator
Culture separator.
Public propertyStatic memberDash
Dash symbol.
Public propertyStatic memberDot
Dot symbol.
Public propertyStatic memberRegExLocalize
Localization regular expression.
Public propertyStatic memberRequiredMark
RequiredMark symbol.
Public propertyStatic memberSemicolon
Semicolon symbol.
Public propertyStatic memberSlash
Slash symbol.
Public propertyStatic memberStringSeparator
String separator.
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