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RequestHelper Class
Request helping methods.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.Helpers
Assembly: CMS.Helpers (in CMS.Helpers.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public static class RequestHelper

The RequestHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberCompleteRequest
Completes current request (calls ApplicationInstance.CompleteRequest).
Public methodStatic memberEndResponse
Ends current response (calls Response.End).
Public methodStatic memberEnsureScriptTimeout
Set script timeout due to compilation delay
Public methodStatic memberGetBrowser
Gets the browser string from current request.
Public methodStatic memberGetHeader
Returns the value of specified HTTP header or default value if header is not defined.
Public methodStatic memberIsAJAXRequest
Returns true if current request is AJAX request.
Public methodStatic memberIsAsyncPostback
Returns true if current request is an asynchronous postback.
Public methodStatic memberIsCallback
Returns true if current request is callback.
Public methodStatic memberIsFormsAuthentication
Returns true if the authentication mode is Forms authentication.
Public methodStatic memberIsGZipSupported
Returns true if GZip is supported by the client browser
Public methodStatic memberIsChrome
Returns true if current browser is Chrome.
Public methodStatic memberIsMixedAuthentication
If true, mixed authentication is used.
Public methodStatic memberIsPostBack
Returns true if current request is postback.
Public methodStatic memberIsSafari
Returns true if current browser is Safari.
Public methodStatic memberIsWebDAVPropfindRequest
Determines whether current request is WebDAV PROPFIND request and url is application path.
Public methodStatic memberIsWebDAVRequest
Determines whether current request is WebDAV request
Public methodStatic memberIsWindowsAuthentication
Returns true if the authentication mode is Windows authentication.
Public methodStatic memberResetPerformanceSettings
Sets all the performance settings to null and causes them to be reloaded.
Public methodStatic memberRespond400
Sets the 400 status (Bad request) and ends the response.
Public methodStatic memberRespond404
Sets the 404 status (Not found) and ends the response.
Public fieldStatic memberPAGE_METHODS
Indentation for the page methods.
Public fieldStatic memberREQUEST_METHODS
Indentation for the request methods.
Public propertyStatic memberAllowGZip
Allow GZip of the output.
Public propertyStatic memberAllowResourceCompression
Gets whether the resource compression is enabled.
Public propertyStatic memberGetFileEndRequest
Gets whether the request is completed or ended when request processing is finished.
Public propertyStatic memberHttpMethod
Gets the HTTP data transfer method (such as GET, POST) used by client.
Public propertyStatic memberLogURLsFile
Logs request URLs file.
Public propertyStatic memberPendingRequests
Counter of currently pending requests.
Public propertyStatic memberSentContentBytes
Number of the content bytes sent.
Public propertyStatic memberTotalGetFileRequests
Counter of GetFile requests.
Public propertyStatic memberTotalNonPageRequests
Counter of NonPage requests.
Public propertyStatic memberTotalPageNotFoundRequests
Counter of Page not found requests.
Public propertyStatic memberTotalPageRequests
Counter of Total Content page requests.
Public propertyStatic memberTotalPageRobotsTxtRequests
Counter of Total page Robots.txt requests.
Public propertyStatic memberTotalSessions
Total number of created Sessions.
Public propertyStatic memberTotalSystemPageRequests
Counter of Total System page requests.
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