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IUserInfo Interface
Objects containing UserInfo properties.

Namespace: CMS.Base
Assembly: CMS.Base (in CMS.Base.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public interface IUserInfo : IDataContainer, 

The IUserInfo type exposes the following members.

Public methodContainsColumn
Returns true if the object contains specified column.
(Inherited from IDataContainer.)
Public methodFilterSearchResults
Filters the user search results
Public methodGetValue
Returns value of column.
(Inherited from ISimpleDataContainer.)
Public methodIsAuthorizedPerClassName
Checks whether the user is authorized for given class name and permission, returns true if so.
Public methodIsAuthorizedPerResource
Returns true if given user is granted with specified permission.
Public methodIsPublic
Returns true if the user is public user record.
Public methodSetValue
Sets value of column.
(Inherited from ISimpleDataContainer.)
Public methodTryGetValue
Returns value of column.
(Inherited from IDataContainer.)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodCopyTo
Copies the data of specified columns of the source object to the target object.
(Defined by DataExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodCheckRequiredColumns
Returns true if given list of columns do not have null values in the object
(Defined by DataExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodToJSON
Returns JSON representation of current instance of IDataContainer.
(Defined by DataExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodToXML
Returns XML representation of current instance of IDataContainer.
(Defined by DataExtensions.)
Public propertyColumnNames
Column names.
(Inherited from IDataContainer.)
Public propertyEmail
E-mail address of the user.
Public propertyEnabled
Indicates if the user is enabled.
Public propertyFirstName
First name of the user.
Public propertyFullName
Full name of the user.
Public propertyItem
Gets or sets the value of the column.
(Inherited from ISimpleDataContainer.)
Public propertyLastLogon
Last logon date and time of the user.
Public propertyLastName
Last name of the user.
Public propertyMiddleName
Middle name of the user.
Public propertyPasswordFormat
Format of the user password.
Public propertyPreferredCultureCode
Preferred culture code.
Public propertyPreferredUICultureCode
Preferred UI culture code.
Public propertyResourceUIElements
Gets UI elements within each module across all sites the user can see.
Public propertySiteCultures
Gets the user's allowed cultures.
Public propertySitesRoles
Gets the HashTable of the user sites and roles.
Public propertyUserAuthenticationGUID
Temporary GUID for user identification for automatic sign-in in the CMS Desk.
Public propertyUserAvatarID
User avatar ID.
Public propertyUserCampaign
User campaign.
Public propertyUserCreated
Date and time when was the user created.
Public propertyUserDescription
User description.
Public propertyUserEnabled
Indicates whether the user is enabled.
Public propertyUserGlobalAccessDisabled
Indicates whether user with global admin flag is able to manage global applications and functionality. This property is considered for internal purposes only and should not be used in custom code.
Public propertyUserGUID
User GUID.
Public propertyUserHasAllowedCultures
Indicates if the user has allowed more than one culture.
Public propertyUserID
User ID.
Public propertyUserIsDomain
Determines whether user is domain user.
Public propertyUserIsExternal
Indicates if the user is external.
Public propertyUserIsGlobalAdministrator
True if the user is the global administrator.
Public propertyUserIsHidden
Indicates if the user is hidden.
Public propertyUserLastModified
Date and time of the user last modification.
Public propertyUserMessagingNotificationEmail
Messaging notification email.
Public propertyUserName
User name.
Public propertyUserNickName
User nick name.
Public propertyUserPasswordFormat
Format of the user's password.
Public propertyUserPicture
User picture.
Public propertyUserSignature
User signature.
Public propertyUserStartingAliasPath
Starting alias path of the user.
Public propertyUserTimeZoneID
User time zone ID
Public propertyUserTokenID
TokenID for multi-factor authentization.
Public propertyUserURLReferrer
URL Referrer of user.
Public propertyUserVisibility
Contains XML with user's custom form field visibility settings.
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