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IDisplayReport Interface
Interface for DisplayReport

Namespace: CMS.Base
Assembly: CMS.Base (in CMS.Base.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public interface IDisplayReport

The IDisplayReport type exposes the following members.

Public methodIsReportLoaded
Returns true if report is loaded
Public methodReloadData
Sets the RTL culture to the body class if RTL language.
Public methodRenderToString
Renders control to String representation
Public methodSaveReport
Saves the report
Public methodSetDefaultDynamicMacros(Int32)
Sets all default macros needed for graphs
Public methodSetDefaultDynamicMacros(String)
Sets all default macros needed for graphs
Public propertyAreaMaxWidth
Graph possible width of control.
Public propertyBodyCssClass
Body CSS class.
Public propertyColors
Colors assigned to series.
Public propertyDisplayFilter
Display filter.
Public propertyDynamicMacros
Special macros used for report macro resolving
Public propertyEmailMode
If true, control is rendered for email.
Public propertyForceLoadDefaultValues
Load always default values.
Public propertyFormCssClass
Form CSS class.
Public propertyGraphImageWidth
Width of chart image in percent versus displayable zone.
Public propertyCheckInnerControls
Indicates if check inner sub controls.
Public propertyIgnoreWasInit
Reloads parameters even if were already inited.
Public propertyLoadFormParameters
Assigned if parameters will be loaded automaticcaly.
Public propertyRenderCssClasses
Inidcates if CSS classes should be rendered.
Public propertyReportControls
Child report controls.
Public propertyReportDisplayName
Returns report display name
Public propertyReportHTML
Public propertyReportName
Report name.
Public propertyReportPanel
Content panel.
Public propertyReportParameters
Report parameters.
Public propertyReportSubscriptionSiteID
Report's subscription site ID (used in automatic subscription report generation)
Public propertySelectedInterval
Graph type selected interval
Public propertySendOnlyNonEmptyDataSource
If true, only reports with non empty datasource is sent (used in subscriptions)
Public propertyTableFirstColumnWidth
First width of the column
Public propertyUseExternalReload
If true, reload is not called from this control.
Public propertyUseProgressIndicator
Gets or sets the value that indicates whether progress indicator should be used.
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