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UrlParser Properties

The UrlParser type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAliasPath
Gets alias path.
Public propertyAttachmentInfo
Gets atttachment info.
Public propertyCultureCode
Gets culture code.
Public propertyFieldName
Gets field name of attachment.
Public propertyFileInfo
Gets file info (media file in file system).
Public propertyFileName
Gets file name.
Public propertyFilePath
Gets file path of media file.
Public propertyGroup
Gets group info.
Public propertyGroupName
Gets group name.
Public propertyGUID
Gets file GUID.
Public propertyItemType
Gets item type.
Public propertyLibraryFolder
Gets library folder.
Public propertyLibraryName
Gets library name.
Public propertyMediaFileInfo
Gets media file info.
Public propertyMediaLibraryInfo
Gets media library info.
Public propertyMetaFileInfo
Gets metafile info.
Public propertyNode
Gets node.
Public propertyPath
Gets URL path.
Public propertyPhysicalFilePath
Gets physical file path (not safe) of media file.
Public propertyTreeProvider
Gets Tree provider.
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