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UniGridOptions Properties

The UniGridOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowSorting
Indicates whether the UniGrid supports column sorting.
Public propertyDisplayFilter
Indicates whether a filter should be displayed above the UniGrid. If the amount of displayed rows is lower than the value of the FilterLimit key, the filter will be hidden despite this setting.
Public propertyDisplayPageSizeDropdown Obsolete.
If true, the page size drop down should be displayed.
Public propertyFilterLimit
Determines the minimum amount of rows that must be displayed in the UniGrid before a filter is shown. The default value is read from the CMSDefaultListingFilterLimit web.config key.
Public propertyFilterPath
Path to the custom filter that will be displayed instead of default filter.
Public propertyPageSize Obsolete.
Default page size.
Public propertySelectionColumn
Name of the column used as an item in the array of selected rows which can be accessed through the SelectedItems property of the UniGrid. By default the first column in the data source is used.
Public propertyShowSelection
Indicates whether a column allowing the selection of rows should be displayed on the left of the UniGrid. This can be used to perform mass actions affecting multiple rows. The selected rows can be accessed through the SelectedItems property of the UniGrid.
Public propertyShowSortDirection
Determines if an arrow showing the sorting direction should be displayed next to the header of the column used for sorting.
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