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Column Properties

The Column type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAction
Action of the column.
Public propertyAllowExport
Indicates if column can be exported using general export.
Public propertyAllowSorting
Indicates whether the column can be used to sort the rows of the UniGrid.
Public propertyCaption
Specifies the resource string used as the header for the column. Must begin and end with the $ character. Sample value: "$$"
Public propertyCommandArgument
Command argument for the action.
Public propertyCssClass
Specifies the name of the CSS class from the stylesheet to be used for the column.
Public propertyExternalSourceName
Name of the column passed as the sourceName parameter of the OnExternalDataBound event handler. Used for implementing custom functionality in the cells of the given column.
Public propertyField
Corresponding grid field.
Public propertyFilter
Column filter.
Public propertyHref
If a URL is entered here, a link to this URL is generated around the content of the cells in this column. Macros {0}, {1}, ... can be used to access parameters defined by the parameters attribute. Sample value: "~/page.aspx"
Public propertyIcon
Name of an image that should be added into the column cells after the loaded data. The image must be located in the folder defined by the ImageDirectoryPath property of the UniGrid. Sample value: "edit.png"
Public propertyIsText
Indicates whether the content of the column is of type Text or nText. This is used to generate a special OrderBy clause of the query, so it must be set if sorting is enabled for the column.
Public propertyLocalize
Indicates whether localization is enabled for strings in the column.
Public propertyMaxLength
Maximum length of the text.
Public propertyName
Column name.
Public propertyParameters
Names of the columns used as parameters of the URL generated by the Href attribute. Separated by semicolons.
Public propertySort
Used to define the column name to be used for sorting if the ##ALL## macro is used in the source attribute.
Public propertySource
Name of the column from the data source of the UniGrid that is used as the source for the content of this column. The special macro ##ALL## can be used to specify all columns.
Public propertyStyle
The style used for the entire column. Sample value: "padding:10px"
Public propertyTooltip
Column tooltip.
Public propertyVisible
Indicates whether the column should be visible.
Public propertyWidth
Determines the width of the column. Sample values: "20%", "200px"
Public propertyWrap
Indicates whether word wrapping is used in the column.
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