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SilverlightApplication Properties

The SilverlightApplication type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAdditionalParameters
Array of additional parameters.
Public propertyAllowHtmlPopupWindow
Gets or sets AllowHtmlPopupWindow property indicating whether the Html popup window is enabled.
Public propertyApplicationPath
Silverlight application path.
Public propertyAutoUpgrade
Gets or sets AutoUpgrade attribute.
Public propertyContainerBackground
Silverlight application container background.
Public propertyContainerClientID
ClientID of the object Html element.
Public propertyContainerUniqueID
UniqueID of the object Html element.
Public propertyControls
Gets a System.Web.UI.ControlCollection object that represents the child controls for silverlight application control in the UI hierarchy.
(Overrides ControlControls.)
Public propertyEnabled
Enabled property specifing whether the silverlight application is enabled. If set to false only alternate content is rendered.
(Overrides WebControlEnabled.)
Public propertyEnableHtmlAccess
Gets or sets EnableHtmlAccess property indicating whether the Html access is enabled.
Public propertyHeight
Silverlight application container height.
(Overrides WebControlHeight.)
Public propertyIsWindowless
Gets or sets value indicating whether the silverlight application should be windowless or not. Default is true.
Public propertyMinimumVersion
Minimum version of the Microsoft Silverlight which is required by the current silverlight application.
Public propertyOnSilverlightError
Gets or sets the name of the javascript function used for silverlight error handling.
Public propertyParameters
Silverlight application parameters.
Public propertyWidth
Silverlight application container width.
(Overrides WebControlWidth.)
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