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ObjectTransformation Properties

The ObjectTransformation type exposes the following members.

Public propertyContextResolver
Macro resolver to use
Public propertyDataProvider
Data provider for this transformation
Public propertyDirectIfNotCached
If true, the component is allowed to get the objects one by one directly from provider if not found registered. Default false.
Public propertyEncodeOutput
If true, the output is encoded. Default value is true.
Public propertyLocalizeStrings
If true, the output localizes the string macros.
Public propertyNoDataTransformation
Transformation used in case the object was not found
Public propertyObjectID
Object ID.
Public propertyObjectType
Object type.
Public propertyTransformation
Transformation - Column name (e.g. "ResourceName"), Internal UniGrid transformation (e.g. "#yesno") or a macro (e.g. "{% FirstName %} {% LastName %}").
Public propertyUseEmptyInfoForObjectLimitedByLicense
Gets or sets the value that indicates whether empty info should be used for objects limited by license. Use this property to true if object values need not to be correct and the purpose of the displayed object is object itself.
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