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ICMSMasterPage Properties

The ICMSMasterPage type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActionsViewstateEnabled
Indicates if header actions panel should have ViewState enabled or disabled.
Public propertyAfterFormPlaceholder
Gets placeholder located after form element.
Public propertyBody
Body element.
Public propertyBodyClass
Body class.
Public propertyButtonClose
Prepared for closing modal window.
Public propertyButtonNext
Prepared for switching to next record (info/details etc.)
Public propertyButtonPrevious
Prepared for switching to previous record (info/details etc.)
Public propertyDevelopmentMode
Indicates if page is displayed in development mode.
Public propertyDisplayActionsPanel
Indicated whether the panel for actions should be displayed.
Public propertyDisplayControlsPanel
Indicated whether the panel for additional controls should be displayed.
Public propertyDisplaySiteSelectorPanel
Indicated whether the panel for site selector should be displayed
Public propertyErrorLabel
Error label.
Public propertyFooterContainer
Footer container.
Public propertyHeadElements
Prepared for specifying the additional HEAD elements.
Public propertyHeaderActions
HeaderActions control.
Public propertyHeaderActionsPlaceHolder
HeaderActionsPermissions place holder.
Public propertyHeaderContainer
Header container
Public propertyInfoLabel
Information label.
Public propertyLinkExport
Prepared for exporting.
Public propertyMessagesPlaceHolder
Messages placeholder
Public propertyObjectEditMenu
Container with header actions menu
Public propertyPage
Public propertyPageStatusContainer
Page status container.
Public propertyPanelBody
Body panel.
Public propertyPanelContainer
Tabs panel container panel.
Public propertyPanelContent
Content panel.
Public propertyPanelFooter
Footer panel.
Public propertyPanelHeader
Header panel.
Public propertyPanelInfo
Info panel.
Public propertyPanelLeft
Left tabs panel.
Public propertyPanelRight
Right tabs panel.
Public propertyPanelSeparator
Separator panel.
Public propertyPanelTitle
Panel containig title.
Public propertyPanelTitleActions
Panel containing title actions disaplyed above scrolling content.
Public propertyPlaceholderLabels
Gets the labels container.
Public propertyTabs
Tabs control.
Public propertyTitle
PageTitle control.
Public propertyWarningLabel
Warning label.
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