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DocumentBase Properties

The DocumentBase type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBodyClass
Body class.
Public propertyBodyParameters
Body parameters.
Public propertyStatic memberCacheItems
List of the cache key items.
Public propertyCssFile
CSS file.
Public propertyCurrentPage
Current page.
Public propertyCurrentSite
Current site.
Public propertyCurrentSiteName
Current site name.
Public propertyCurrentStylesheet
Current CSS stylesheet.
Public propertyCurrentUser
Current user.
Public propertyDescription
Public propertyDocType
Protected propertyStatic memberEncodeMetaTagValue
Gets the value that indicates whether meta tags value should be encoded.
Public propertyExtendedTags
Extended tags.
Public propertyFavIconTag
Shortcut icon file path.
Public propertyIsHTML5
Indicates whether DocType of current page is equal to HTML5 DocType.
Public propertyKeyWords
Key words.
Public propertyPage
Document page.
Public propertyPageManager
Page manager.
Public propertyResponse
Current response.
Public propertyTitle
Public propertyXmlNamespace
Additional XML namespace to HTML tag.
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