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AbstractSecurityAttribute Properties

The AbstractSecurityAttribute type exposes the following members.

Public propertyContainsMacro
If true, the attribute contains macros
(Inherited from AbstractAttribute.)
Protected propertyCurrentSiteName
Current site name.
Protected propertyCurrentUser
Current user.
Public propertyEditor
If true, the editor should be checked.
Public propertyExistingObject
If True, attribute is applied only when edited object is defined.
(Inherited from AbstractAttribute.)
Public propertyGlobalAdministrator
If true, the global admin check should be performed.
Public propertyIsAllowed
If true, the security check is allowed, if false, it automatically returns false.
Public propertyNewObject
If True, attribute is applied only when edited object is not defined.
(Inherited from AbstractAttribute.)
Public propertyPermission
Permission name to be checked.
Public propertyResource
Resource name to be checked.
Public propertyResourceSite
If true, the resource assignment to the site should be checked.
Public propertyUIElements
UI elements to be checked separated by semicolon ;.
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