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AbstractCMSPage Properties

The AbstractCMSPage type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAfterFormPlaceHolder
Gets placeholder located after form element.
Public propertyStatic memberBlankPageUrl
Returns the URL of a blank page
Public propertyContextMenuContainer
Container control for the context menus.
Public propertyCultureCode
Gets culture code of current document initialized from query string.
Public propertyCurrentUseXUACompatible
If true, X-UA-Compatible header will be added to the page.
Public propertyDocumentID
Gets document ID of current document initialized from query string.
Public propertyDocumentManager
Document manager control.
Protected propertyEnableContextHelp
Tells you whether context help script generation into page is enabled.
Protected propertyEnsureDocumentManager
Indicates if document manager should be ensured
Public propertyEnsurePreferredCulture
Indicates if content preferred culture should be ensured.
Public propertyFooterContainer
Container control for the page footers.
Public propertyHeaderActions
Local header actions
Public propertyIsCMSDesk
Determines whether the current page is located under the CMS Desk.
Public propertyIsDialog
Indicates whether page is a dialog. False by default.
Public propertyIsRootDialog
Indicates whether page is root dialog (top dialog page with header and footer)
Protected propertyIsStandardPage
If true, the page is a UI page
Public propertyLogsContainer
Container control for the log controls.
Public propertyManagersContainer
Container control for the page managers.
Public propertyMessagesPlaceHolder
Local page messages placeholder
Public propertyNodeID
Gets node ID of current document initialized from query string.
Protected propertyRegisterGlobalHotKeyScript
Gets or sets the value that indicates whether global hotkey script should be registered
Public propertyScriptManagerControl
Script manager control.
Public propertyTabMode
Indicates if the page is in tab mode.
Public propertyTree
Tree provider object.
Public propertyUIContext
Page's UI context
Public propertyUseViewStateUserKey
If true, ViewStateUserKey is used.
Public propertyStatic memberUseXUACompatible
Globally enables or disables addition of X-UA-Compatible header to the page.
Public propertyStatic memberXUACompatibleValue
Defines content of X-UA-Compatible header that will be rendered to the page.
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