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CachedOutput Properties

The CachedOutput type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAliasPath
Alias path.
Public propertyCacheDependencies
List of the item cache dependencies
Public propertyCacheInFileSystem
Cache in file system
Public propertyCacheKey
Cache key
Public propertyCacheMinutes
Cache minutes
Public propertyCachePageInfo
Document page info.
Public propertyColumnNames
Returns the column names.
Public propertyDocumentAliasCampaign
Campaign for alias document.
Public propertyDocumentCampaign
Document campaign.
Public propertyDocumentConversionValue
Document conversion value - Reflects the "DocumentConversionValue" data column.
Public propertyDocumentTrackConversionName
Document conversion name - Reflects the "DocumentTrackConversionName" data column.
Public propertyExpiration
Cache item expiration
Public propertyHeaders
Headers collection.
Public propertyHttpStatusCode
Gets or sets the HTTP status code of the output returned to the client.
Public propertyItem
Gets or sets the value of the column.
Public propertyOriginalAliasPath
Original alias path.
Public propertyOutputData
Output data.
Public propertySiteName
Site name
Public propertyStatus
URL rewriting status.
Public propertyTestCookieName
Gets or sets the A/B or Multivariate test cookie name
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