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DataExportHelper Properties

The DataExportHelper type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowExportEmptyDataSource
Determines whether to allow export empty data source or raise an error
Public propertyCSVDelimiter
Defines delimiter for CSV format.
Public propertyDataExportTemplateFolder
Gets a startup path for template lookup.
Public propertyDataExportTemplatePath
Gets a relative path leading to template.
Public propertyDataSource
Gets or sets the source of data to export.
Public propertyFileName
Name of exported file (without extension).
Public propertyFileNameWithExtension
Name of exported file with extension.
Public propertyGenerateHeader
Indicates whether to generate also a header row.
Public propertyMacroResolver
Gets or sets macro resolver.
Public propertyTopN
Top N rows to export.
Public propertyUseSharedStringStorage
Defines whether to use shared string table for storing text values. When value is false text is being stored as inline string. Applies only to Excel export.
Public propertyUseTemplate
Indicates whether to use XLSX template.
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