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ResponseDataSender Properties

The ResponseDataSender type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAcceptRange
Indicates if resumable downloads should be supported for current file.
Public propertyStatic memberAcceptRanges
Indicates whether range requests are enabled (ex. for resumable downloads). If false, the HTTP Handler ignores the Range HTTP Header and returns the entire contents.
Public propertyAreRangesValid
Indicates whether ranges are valid. TRUE: ranges are valid or request is not range request FALSE: all other cases
Protected propertyContext
Current HTTP context.
Public propertyDataLength
Size of data.
Public propertyIsMultipart
Indicates whether it is multipart range request.
Public propertyIsRangeRequest
Indicates whether it is range request.
Public propertyLogCommunicationExceptions
Whether to log exception caused by communication problems (e.g. when remote host closes the connection). Log exceptions has to be set to TRUE.
Public propertyLogExceptions
Logs the exceptions caused by the process.
Public propertyMaxByteStream
Maximum streaming speed in bytes per second.
Public propertyRanges
Protected propertyResponse
Current HTTP response.
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