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ImageHelper Properties

The ImageHelper type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberDefaultCompositingMode
Default composition mode is set to SourceCopy.
Public propertyStatic memberDefaultCompositingQuality
Default composing quality is set to HighQuality.
Public propertyStatic memberDefaultInterpolationMode
Default mode is set to HighQualityBicubic.
Public propertyStatic memberDefaultPixelOffsetMode
Default offset mode is set to HighQuality.
Public propertyStatic memberDefaultQuality
Default quality to be used when an image is being re-sized. (Default quality is set to 85% by default).
Public propertyStatic memberDefaultSmoothingMode
Default smoothing mode is set to HighQuality.
Public propertyStatic memberDefaultWrapMode
Default mode is set to TileFlipXY.
Public propertyImageData
Returns image data.
Public propertyStatic memberImageExtensions
Image extensions supported by the system
Public propertyImageHeight
Image height.
Public propertyImageWidth
Image width.
Public propertyStatic memberJPEGEncoder
JPEG image encoder.
Public propertyLastError
Last processing error.
Public propertySourceData
Source data for the image.
Public propertyStatic memberUseFixedEnsureImageDimensions
Gets value that indicates if use of new image resizing is enabled.
Public propertyStatic memberUseGDIForResize
Indicates if GDI resizing will be used for resizing indexed images.
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