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CMSCssSettings Properties

The CMSCssSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyComponentFiles
List of component files
Public propertyContainers
List of web part containers
Public propertyDeviceLayouts
List of device layouts
Public propertyEnableCompression
Indicates if resource should be compressed
Public propertyEnableMinification
Indicates if resource should be minificated
Public propertyFiles
List of physical files
Public propertyLayouts
List of layouts
Public propertyResolveCSSClientUrls
Indicates whether client relative URLs are resolved into absolute URLs in style sheet code.
Public propertyReturnAsDynamic
Indicates whether stylesheet code is returned in its dynamic nature (if it uses CSS preprocessor).
Public propertySingleRequest
If true, the CSSes are processed within a single request
Public propertyStylesheets
List of stylesheets
Public propertyTemplates
List of page templates
Public propertyTransformations
List of transformations
Public propertyWebPartLayouts
List of web part layouts
Public propertyWebParts
List of web parts
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