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LogContext Properties

The LogContext type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberCurrent
Gets or sets current log context.
Public propertyEvent
Info object of type EventLogInfo.
Public propertyEventURL
URL of event.
Public propertyIPAddress
IP address of client.
Public propertyLog
Gets the current log.
Public propertyLogGuid
Logs guid.
Public propertyLogSingleEvents
Indicates whether to log events one by one to event log.
Public propertyMachineName
Name of machine.
Public propertyMaxLength
Maximum length of the log. If the length is exceeded, the log is trimmed to half, offset is set and the log continues.
Public propertyMultipleOperationEventCode
Explicit event log code used when LogSingleEvents is false (case of multiple logging).
Public propertyOffset
Offset of a partial log in a complete log
Public propertyUrlReferrer
Referrer url.
Public propertyUserAgent
Browser identification.
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