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EventLogWorker Properties

The EventLogWorker type exposes the following members.

Protected propertyDefaultInterval
Gets the interval in milliseconds for the worker (default 100ms)
(Overrides ThreadWorkerTDefaultInterval.)
Protected propertyCheckDuplicity
If true, the queue checks the duplicity when inserting items. The duplicity is checked using the default comparer of the item.
(Inherited from ThreadQueueWorkerTItem, TWorker.)
Protected propertyLastRun
Last run time
(Inherited from ThreadWorkerT.)
Protected propertyMaintenanceInterval
Gets the maintenance interval in milliseconds (default 10s)
(Overrides ThreadWorkerTMaintenanceInterval.)
Protected propertyNextMaintenance
Next maintenance time
(Inherited from ThreadWorkerT.)
Protected propertyPollThread
Gets or sets thread which is periodically checking for new tasks.
(Inherited from ThreadWorkerT.)
Protected propertyUseLogContext
Use the log context to report status
(Overrides ThreadWorkerTUseLogContext.)
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