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CMSCreditPaymentProvider Properties

The CMSCreditPaymentProvider type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAvailableCreditInMainCurrency
Available credit in main currency.
Public propertyAvailableCreditInOrderCurrency
Available credit in order currency.
Public propertyCreditChangeAfterPayment
Credit change after payment.
Public propertyErrorMessage
Payment result message displayed to user when payment fails.
(Inherited from CMSPaymentGatewayProvider.)
Public propertyExchangeRate
Exchange rate between main and order currencies.
Public propertyHasCustomerEnoughCredit
Indicates whether customer has enough credit to finish payment.
Public propertyInfoMessage
Payment result message displayed to user when payment succeeds.
(Inherited from CMSPaymentGatewayProvider.)
Public propertyIsPaymentCompleted
Indicates whether payment is already completed.
(Inherited from CMSPaymentGatewayProvider.)
Public propertyMainCurrencyObj
Main currency info object.
Public propertyOrder
Order object which is going to be paid.
(Inherited from CMSPaymentGatewayProvider.)
Public propertyOrderCurrencyObj
Order currency info object.
Public propertyOrderId
Order ID. Set this value when you want to process payment for the existing order outside the checkout process.
(Inherited from CMSPaymentGatewayProvider.)
Protected propertyPaymentDataForm
Payment gateway form with custom controls.
(Inherited from CMSPaymentGatewayProvider.)
Public propertyPaymentResult
Payment result.
(Inherited from CMSPaymentGatewayProvider.)
Public propertyShoppingCartControl
Parent shopping cart control the current shopping cart step belongs to.
(Inherited from CMSPaymentGatewayProvider.)
Public propertyShoppingCartInfoObj
Shopping cart object which stores all data during the checkout process. If OrderId is set it is created from existing order, otherwise it is returned from current shopping cart control.
(Inherited from CMSPaymentGatewayProvider.)
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