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ICMSControlProperties Properties

The ICMSControlProperties type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCacheDependencies
Cache dependencies, each cache dependency on a new line.
(Inherited from ICMSBaseProperties.)
Public propertyCacheItemName
Name of the cache item the control will use.
(Inherited from ICMSBaseProperties.)
Public propertyCacheMinutes
Number of minutes the retrieved content is cached for. Zero indicates that the content will not be cached.
(Inherited from ICMSBaseProperties.)
Public propertyClassNames
Class name value or several values separated by semicolon.
Public propertyCombineWithDefaultCulture
Indicates if the documents from the default culture version should be alternatively used.
Public propertyCultureCode
Culture code, such as en-us.
Public propertyCheckPermissions
Allows you to specify whether to check permissions of the current user. If the value is 'false' (default value) no permissions are checked. Otherwise, only nodes for which the user has read permission are displayed.
Public propertyMaxRelativeLevel
Relative level of child documents that should be selected. -1 selects all child documents.
Public propertyOrderBy
Property to set and get the OrderBy.
(Inherited from ICMSBaseProperties.)
Public propertyPath
Path of the documents to be displayed. /% selects all documents.
Public propertySelectedColumns
Columns to select, null or empty returns all columns.
(Inherited from ICMSBaseProperties.)
Public propertySelectOnlyPublished
Indicates if only published documents should be displayed.
Public propertySiteName
Property to set and get the SiteName.
(Inherited from ICMSBaseProperties.)
Public propertyStopProcessing
Stop processing.
(Inherited from ICMSBaseProperties.)
Public propertyTopN
Select top N rows.
(Inherited from ICMSBaseProperties.)
Public propertyTreeProvider
Tree provider instance used to access data. If no TreeProvider is assigned, a new TreeProvider instance is created.
Public propertyWhereCondition
Property to set and get the WhereCondition.
(Inherited from ICMSBaseProperties.)
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