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CMSTextPager Properties

The CMSTextPager type exposes the following members.

Public propertyIsLiveSite
Indicates if control is used on live site.
(Inherited from CMSWebControl.)
Public propertyPagerControl
Represents pager control.
Public propertyPagerCSSClass
Pager CSS class.
Public propertyPagerSeparator
Pager separator (HTML code to insert between the paged text and the pager).
Public propertyPageSize
Number of chars on a page. If it is -1, the text source is not split.
Public propertyResolveDynamicControls
Gets or sets the value that indicates whether dynamic controls should be resolved
Public propertyShortID
Short ID of the control.
(Inherited from CMSWebControl.)
Public propertyTextCSSClass
Text CSS class.
Public propertyTextSource
Text source.
Public propertyUIContext
Returns control's UI context
(Inherited from CMSWebControl.)
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