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CMSSearchDialog Properties

The CMSSearchDialog type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCustomQueryStringData
Gets or sets the custom query string which is placed after search querystring data, do not use & or ? on start of the custom query string.
Public propertySearchButton
Search button.
Public propertySearchExpression
Word(s) to be searched for.
Public propertySearchForLabel
SearchFor label control.
Public propertySearchForTextBox
SearchFor textbox.
Public propertySearchMode
Search mode - any word, all words, exact phrase, etc.
Public propertySearchModeLabel
SearchMode label.
Public propertySearchModeList
SearchMode drop-down list.
Public propertySearchScope
Indicates if all content or only the current section should be searched.
Public propertySearchScopeLabel
SearchScope label.
Public propertySearchScopeList
SearchScope drop-down list.
Public propertyShowSearchMode
Indicates if search mode settings should be displayed.
Public propertyShowSearchScope
Indicates if search scope settings should be displayed.
Public propertyStopProcessing
Stop processing
Protected propertyTagKey
Overrides the generation of the SPAN tag with custom tag.
(Overrides WebControlTagKey.)
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