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BasicUniView Properties

The BasicUniView type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAlternatingItemTemplate
Alternating item template.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyAlternatingRange
Item / AlternatingItem template changing interval
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyAlternatingStartPosition
Alternating start position.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyDataBindByDefault
Indicates whether data binding should be performed by default.
Public propertyDataSource
Object from which data-bound control retrieves its list of data item.
(Overrides UniViewDataSource.)
Public propertyDataSourceControl
Control with data source.
Public propertyDataSourceName
Gets or sets name of source.
Protected propertyDefaultDataSource
Default data source to use if no external is provided.
Public propertyFirstItemTemplate
First item template.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyFooterTemplate
Footer item template.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyHeaderTemplate
Header item template.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyHideControlForZeroRows
Hides the control when no data is loaded. Default value is False.
Public propertyHideHeaderAndFooterForSingleItem
Hide Outer data (header, footer) for single item.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyHierarchicalDisplayMode
Gets or sets the display mode for hierarchical datasource.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyItemTemplate
Default item template.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyLastItemTemplate
Last item template.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyOuterData
Data generated in header and footer.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyPageableControl
Gets or sets the encapsulated control that implements IUniPageable interface.
Public propertyPagerDataItem
Gets or sets the IUniPageable.PagerDataItem value.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyPagerForceNumberOfResults
Gets or sets the number of result. Enables proceed "fake" datasets, where number of results in the dataset is not correspondent to the real number of results This property must be equal -1 if should be disabled
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyRelatedData
Custom data connected to the object, if not set, returns the Related data of the nearest IDataControl.
Public propertyRelationColumnID
Column from which specifies value of current level (for example parent document id).
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyResolveDynamicControls
Gets or sets the value that indicates whether dynamic controls should be resolved
Public propertySelectedItemColumnName
Gets or sets the column name which should be used for selected item comparison.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertySelectedItemValue
Gets or sets the value which indicates selected item.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertySeparatorTemplate
Separator item template.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertySingleItemTemplate
Single item template.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyTransformations
Gets or sets the transformation collection.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyUniPagerControl
Pager control.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyUseNearestItemForHeaderAndFooter
Gets or sets the value that indicates whether data from nearest data item should be used for header or footer item. This value is ignored if OuterData property is set.
(Inherited from UniView.)
Public propertyZeroRowsText
Text to be shown when the control is hidden by HideControlForZeroRows.
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