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BasicRepeaterWithEffect Properties

The BasicRepeaterWithEffect type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCSSFiles
Gets or sets the additional CSS files that should be linked to the page.
Public propertyDataBindByDefault
Indicates whether data binding should be performed by default.
(Inherited from BasicRepeater.)
Public propertyDataSource
Object from which data-bound control retrieves its list of data item.
(Inherited from BasicRepeater.)
Public propertyDataSourceControl
Control with data source.
(Inherited from BasicRepeater.)
Public propertyDataSourceName
Gets or sets name of source.
(Inherited from BasicRepeater.)
Protected propertyDefaultDataSource
Default data source to use if no external is provided.
(Inherited from BasicRepeater.)
Public propertyHideControlForZeroRows
Hides the control when no data is loaded. Default value is False.
(Inherited from BasicRepeater.)
Public propertyHideLayoutForZeroRows
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to hide layout (Content before, Content after) when no data found.
Public propertyInitScript
Gets or sets the script that initializes the effect applied on the items.
Public propertyInlineCSS
Gets or sets the additional inline CSS styles that will be placed into the page header.
Public propertyIsSelected
Indicates whether the data source contains a selected item. If it does, the control does not apply the effect.
Public propertyItemHTMLAfter
Gets or sets the html code which is inserted after each of the item.
Public propertyItemHTMLBefore
Gets or sets the html code which is inserted before each of the item.
Public propertyItemHTMLSeparator
Gets or sets the item separator between displayed records.
Public propertyPageableControl
Gets or sets the encapsulated control that implements IUniPageable interface.
(Inherited from BasicRepeater.)
Public propertyPagerDataItem
Pager data item object.
(Inherited from BasicRepeater.)
Public propertyPagerForceNumberOfResults
Gets or sets the number of result. Enables proceed "fake" datasets, where number of results in the dataset is not correspondent to the real number of results This property must be equal -1 if should be disabled
(Inherited from BasicRepeater.)
Public propertyRelatedData
Custom data connected to the object, if not set, returns the Related data of the nearest IDataControl.
(Inherited from BasicRepeater.)
Public propertyRepeaterHTMLAfter
Gets or sets the html code which is inserted after the generated items.
Public propertyRepeaterHTMLBefore
Gets or sets the html code which is inserted before the generated items.
Public propertyResolveDynamicControls
Gets or sets the value that indicates whether dynamic controls should be resolved
(Inherited from BasicRepeater.)
Public propertyScriptFiles
Gets or sets a list of additional script files which should be included to the page. One line per file.
Public propertyShortID
Short ID of the control.
(Inherited from UIRepeater.)
Public propertyStopProcessing
Indicates whether processing of the control should be stopped and the control should not retrieve nor display any data.
Public propertyUniPagerControl
Pager control.
(Inherited from BasicRepeater.)
Public propertyZeroRowsText
Text to be shown when the control is hidden by HideControlForZeroRows.
(Inherited from BasicRepeater.)
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