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BasicDataPager Properties

The BasicDataPager type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCurrentPage
Current page number.
Public propertyDataSource
Pager DataSource.
Public propertyIsLiveSite
Indicates if control is used on live site.
(Inherited from CMSWebControl.)
Public propertyMaxPages
Maximum number of pages to be displayed.
Public propertyPageCount
Page count.
Public propertyPagedData
Paged data.
Public propertyPagerPosition
Pager position.
Public propertyPageSize
Page size.
Public propertyPagingMode
Determines if PostBack or QueryString should be used for the paging.
Public propertyRecordEnd
Index of the last record on current page.
Public propertyRecordStart
Index of the first record on current page.
Public propertyShortID
Short ID of the control.
(Inherited from CMSWebControl.)
Protected propertyTagKey
Overrides the generation of the SPAN tag with custom tag.
(Overrides WebControlTagKey.)
Public propertyTotalRecords
Total data source records.
Public propertyUIContext
Returns control's UI context
(Inherited from CMSWebControl.)
Public propertyUniqueID
Unique ID.
(Overrides ControlUniqueID.)
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