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DebugSettings Properties

The DebugSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAll
Debug on all pages, including the UI and preview pages.
Public propertyCurrentIndent
Gets or sets current indentation of the debug
Public propertyDebugKey
Debug settings key to access the RequestDebugs flags
Public propertyDurationColumn
Column in the log containing the duration of the operation
Public propertyEnabled
If true, the debug is enabled
Public propertyFinalizeData
Method that finalizes the data prior the reporting
Public propertyLastLogs
Last requests query logs, contains the arrays of [URL, SecurityLog, Time].
Public propertyLive
If true, the live pages are debugged
Public propertyLogControl
Log control that displays the debug log
Public propertyLogLength
Maximum length of the log in number of requests.
Public propertyLogOperations
Returns true, if the debug is allowed to log the operations, either to file or to debug tables
Public propertyLogToFile
If true, the debug logs operations to physical file?
Public propertyName
Name of the debug
Public propertyRequestLog
Current request query log.
Public propertySizeColumn
Column in the log containing the data size in the operation
Public propertyStack
Track stack when debugging.
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