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FileInfo Properties

The FileInfo type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAttributes
File attributes.
(Overrides FileInfoAttributes.)
Public propertyCreationTime
Creation date of file.
(Overrides FileInfoCreationTime.)
Public propertyDirectory
Directory of file.
(Overrides FileInfoDirectory.)
Public propertyDirectoryName
Directory name.
(Overrides FileInfoDirectoryName.)
Public propertyExists
If file exists.
(Overrides FileInfoExists.)
Public propertyExtension
File extension.
(Overrides FileInfoExtension.)
Public propertyFullName
Full name of file (with whole path).
(Overrides FileInfoFullName.)
Public propertyIsReadOnly
If is read only.
(Overrides FileInfoIsReadOnly.)
Public propertyLastAccessTime
Last access time.
(Overrides FileInfoLastAccessTime.)
Public propertyLastWriteTime
Last write time to file.
(Overrides FileInfoLastWriteTime.)
Public propertyLength
Length of file.
(Overrides FileInfoLength.)
Public propertyName
File name of file (without path).
(Overrides FileInfoName.)
Public propertySystemInfo
System.IO file info object corresponding to this file
(Inherited from FileInfo.)
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