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CMS.WebAnalytics Namespace
Public classActivity
Abstract activity type
Public classActivityAbuseReport
Abuse report activity type.
Public classActivityBizFormSubmit
Form submit activity type.
Public classActivityBlogComment
Blog comment activity.
Public classActivityContext
Activity environment variables.
Public classActivityCustom
Custom activity.
Public classActivityCustomerRegistration
Activity customer registration.
Public classActivityCustomTableFormSubmit
Class for custom table form submit activity
Public classActivityData
Container for the activity data.
Public classActivityEventBooking
Activity event booking.
Public classActivityEvents
Activity events.
Public classActivityExternalSearch
Activity external search.
Public classActivityForumPost
Activity new forum post.
Public classActivityChatAcceptAutomaticallyInitiatedChat
Activity for accepting initiated chat request which was issued automatically (using Automatically initiated chat request).
Public classActivityChatAcceptInitiatedChat
Activity for accepting initiated chat request.
Public classActivityChatBase
Base class for all activity types belonging to the Chat module.
Public classActivityChatRequestSupport
Activity for chat support request.
Public classActivityChatRequestSupportOfflineForm
Activity for requesting support using offline support form (when there are no online supporters on chat).
Public classActivityInternalSearch
Activity internal search.
Public classActivityJoinGroup
Activity group join.
Public classActivityLandingPage
Activity landing page.
Public classActivityLeaveGroup
Activity leave group.
Public classActivityLoggedEventArgs
Arguments for the ActivityLoggedHandler event handler.
Public classActivityLoggedHandler
Event handler for the event when activity is being logged.
Public classActivityLogger
Provides interface for logging activities.
Public classActivityLogHelper
Provides functionality for activity logging.
Public classActivityMessageBoardComment
Activity message board comment.
Public classActivityNewsletterClickThrough
Newsletter email click through activity.
Public classActivityNewsletterOpen
Activity open newsletter e-mail.
Public classActivityNewsletterSubscribing
Newsletter subscribe activity.
Public classActivityNewsletterUnsubscribing
Activity newsletter unsubscribing.
Public classActivityPageVisit
Activity page visit.
Public classActivityPollVoting
Activity poll voting.
Public classActivityProductAddedToShoppingCart
Activity product added to shopping cart.
Public classActivityProductAddedToWishlist
Activity product added to wishlist.
Public classActivityProductRemovedFromShoppingCart
Activity product removed from shopping cart.
Public classActivityPurchase
Activity purchase.
Public classActivityPurchasedProduct
Activity purchased product.
Public classActivityRating
Activity rating.
Public classActivityRegistration
Activity registration
Public classActivitySettingsHelper
Provides comfortable access to settings keys for activities.
Public classActivitySubscriptionBlogPost
Activity blog post subscription
Public classActivitySubscriptionForumPost
Activity subscription forum post.
Public classActivitySubscriptionMessageBoard
Activity subscription message board.
Public classActivityTypeInfo
ActivityTypeInfo data container class.
Public classActivityTypeInfoProvider
Class providing ActivityTypeInfo management.
Public classActivityUserContributionDelete
Activity user contribution delete.
Public classActivityUserContributionInsert
Activity user contribution insert.
Public classActivityUserContributionUpdate
Activity user contribution update.
Public classActivityUserLogin
Activity user login.
Public classAnalyticsContext
Analytics context.
Public classAnalyticsDebug
Analytics debug methods
Public classAnalyticsHelper
Analytics helper class.
Public classAnalyticsJSEventArgs
Arguments for event handlers related to logging analytics via JS.
Public classAnalyticsMethods
Methods for web analytics requiring the CMS context
Public classCampaignInfo
CampaignInfo data container class.
Public classCampaignInfoProvider
Class providing CampaignInfo management.
Public classConversionCampaignInfo
ConversionCampaignInfo data container class.
Public classConversionCampaignInfoProvider
Class providing ConversionCampaignInfo management.
Public classConversionInfo
ConversionInfo data container class.
Public classConversionInfoProvider
Class providing ConversionInfo management.
Public classExitPageInfo
ExitPageInfo data container class.
Public classExitPageInfoProvider
Class providing ExitPageInfo management.
Public classGenerateStatisticsEventArgs
Arguments for event handlers related to generating sample statistics data.
Public classGenerateStatisticsHandler
Handler for generating sample web analytics statistics.
Public classGeoIPHelper
Provides IP address to GEO location conversion.
Public classGeoLocation
Class representing location of specific IP.
Public classHitLogProcessor
HitLogProcessor class.
Public classHitLogProvider
HitLogProvider class.
Public classHitsDayInfo
HitsDayInfo data container class.
Public classHitsDayInfoProvider
Class providing HitsDayInfo management.
Public classHitsHourInfo
HitsHourInfo data container class.
Public classHitsHourInfoProvider
Class providing HitsHourInfo management.
Public classHitsInfo
HitsInfo data container class.
Public classHitsInfoProvider
Class providing HitsInfo management.
Public classHitsIntervalEnumFunctions
Class to provider safe conversion.
Public classHitsMonthInfo
HitsMonthInfo data container class.
Public classHitsMonthInfoProvider
Class providing HitsMonthInfo management.
Public classHitsWeekInfo
HitsWeekInfo data container class.
Public classHitsWeekInfoProvider
Class providing HitsWeekInfo management.
Public classHitsYearInfo
HitsYearInfo data container class.
Public classHitsYearInfoProvider
Class providing HitsYearInfo management.
Public classInsertAnalyticsJSHandler
Handler for inserting web analytics javascript snippet to the page.
Public classLogConversionHandler
Handler for the conversion logging.
Public classLogRecord
Representation of the one record (one row) from the analytics log file.
Public classMembershipType
Membership type constants
Public classPredefinedActivityType
Predefined activity types constants.
Public classProcessActivityEventArgs Obsolete.
Arguments for the ProcessActivityHandler event handler.
Public classProcessActivityHandler Obsolete.
Handler for processing an activity.
Public classProcessAnalyticsServiceHandler
Handler for the inserting javascript logging snippet to the page.
Public classProcessLogRecordHandler
Handler for the log processing.
Public classRemoveAnalyticsData
RemoveAnalyticsData class.
Public classSampleDataGenerator
Generates sample data in Web Analytics. Uses analytics.statistics.generatesampledata query.
Public classSearchEngineAnalyzer
Analyzes whether URLs come from some of the defined search engines and gets the search keywords from them. Use it on referrer URL to get where the visitor came from.
Public classSearchEngineCrawlerAnalyzer
Compares user-agent with ones that use crawlers from defined search engines.
Public classSearchEngineInfo
SearchEngineInfo data container class.
Public classSearchEngineInfoProvider
Class providing SearchEngineInfo management.
Public classStatisticsInfo
StatisticsInfo data container class.
Public classStatisticsInfoProvider
Class providing StatisticsInfo management.
Public classUserNameFormatter
Translates UserInfo to human readable format.
Public classUserPage
Class providing information about last visited page.
Public classVisitorMethods
Visitor methods - wrapping methods for macro resolver.
Public classVisitorNamespace
Wrapper class to provide Visitor namespace in the MacroEngine.
Public classVisitorStatusCode
Visitor status code.
Public classWebAnalyticsEvents
Web analytics events.
Public classWebAnalyticsFunctions
Web analytics marketing functions.
Public classWebAnalyticsHandlers
Web analytics events handlers
Public classWebAnalyticsModule
Represents the Web Analytics module.
Public classWebAnalyticsModuleMetadata
Represents the Web Analytics module metadata.
Public classWebAnalyticsResolvers
Resolvers used in e-mail templates and other macro visual components.
Public delegateActivityLoggingActivityEnabled
Method for customization of security check.
Public enumerationHitsIntervalEnum
Hits interval type enumeration.
Public enumerationLogExcludingFlags
Log excluding flags. Indicates which check actions should be skipped
Public enumerationVisitorStatusEnum
Visitor status.