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CMS.URLRewritingEngine Namespace
Public classBaseDocumentConstraint
Base class for the document constraints
Public classCMSControllerFactory
Controller factory with additional functionality for MVC controllers to provide site separation
Public classCMSDocumentRouteConstraint
Constraint to check the context of a document in the web site.
Public classCMSDocumentRouteHandler
Route handler for the portal pages
Public classCMSDocumentRouteHelper
Handler for the MVC routes for URL rewriter.
Public classCMSMvcDocumentConstraint
Constraint to check the context of a document in the web site.
Public classCMSMvcHelper
Helper for the MVC operations
Public classCMSRoute
CMS override of the default route class
Public classProcessABTestEventArgs
Class for events requesting A/B test pages
Public classProcessABTestHandler
Process AB Test handler
Public classURLRewriter
URL rewriter class.
Public classUrlRewritingAction
URL rewriting action storage for caching.
Public classURLRewritingContext
Request URL rewriting values
Public classURLRewritingEventArgs
URL Rewriting event arguments
Public classURLRewritingEvents
URL rewriting events
Public classURLRewritingHandler
URLRewriting handler
Public classURLRewritingModule
Represents the URL Rewriting module.
Public classURLRewritingModuleMetadata
Represents the URL Rewriting module metadata.
Public classURLRewritingParams
Container for URL rewriting parameters