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CMS.SiteProvider Namespace
Public classCultureSiteInfo
CultureSiteInfo data container class.
Public classCultureSiteInfoProvider
Class providing CultureSiteInfo management.
Public classDeletionInfo
Deletion info.
Public classRunningSiteException
Running site exception.
Public classSiteContext
Site related context methods and variables.
Public classSiteDeletionEventArgs
Export event arguments
Public classSiteDeletionHandler
Export handler
Public classSiteDeletionManager
Site deletion manager.
Public classSiteDomainAliasInfo
Site domain alias.
Public classSiteDomainAliasInfoProvider
Class providing SiteDomainAliasInfo management.
Public classSiteEvents
Site events
Public classSiteInfo
Represents a site.
Public classSiteInfoProvider
Class to provide the Site management.
Public classSiteModule
Represents the Site module.
Public classSiteModuleMetadata
Represents the Site module metadata.
Public classSiteNameOnDemand
Encapsulates the site name but doesn't request it until it is demanded by Value.
Public enumerationSiteStatusEnum
Site status enumeration.