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CMS.Reporting Namespace
Public classAbstractReportControl
Abstract report control.
Public classReportCategoryInfo
ReportCategoryInfo data container class.
Public classReportCategoryInfoProvider
Class providing ReportCategoryInfo management.
Public classReportCustomData
Class to help transformation from old graph custom data to new one.
Public classReportGraph
Summary description for ReportGraph.
Public classReportGraphDefaults
Class containing the default report graph settings
Public classReportGraphInfo
ReportGraphInfo data container class.
Public classReportGraphInfoProvider
Class providing ReportGraphInfo management.
Public classReportGraphSeriesPalette
Class containing the default color palette for report graphs
Public classReportHelper
Class providing helper methods for the Reporting module.
Public classReportImport
Handles special actions during the Report import process.
Public classReportInfo
ReportInfo data container class.
Public classReportInfoProvider
Class providing ReportInfo management.
Public classReportingModule
Represents the Reporting module.
Public classReportingModuleMetadata
Represents the Reporting module metadata.
Public classReportingResolvers
Resolvers used in e-mail templates and other macro visual components.
Public classReportSubscriptionInfo
ReportSubscriptionInfo data container class.
Public classReportSubscriptionInfoProvider
Class providing ReportSubscriptionInfo management.
Public classReportSubscriptionSender
Class for subscription email sender
Public classReportTableInfo
ReportTableInfo data container class.
Public classReportTableInfoProvider
Class providing ReportTableInfo management.
Public classReportValueInfo
ReportValueInfo data container class.
Public classReportValueInfoProvider
Class providing ReportValueInfo management.
Public classSavedGraphInfo
SavedGraphInfo data container class.
Public classSavedGraphInfoProvider
Class providing SavedGraphInfo management.
Public classSavedReportInfo
SavedReportInfo data container class.
Public classSavedReportInfoProvider
Class providing SavedReportInfo management.
Public enumerationReportAccessEnum
Report access enumeration.
Public enumerationReportItemType
Graph type.