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CMS.Protection Namespace
Public classAbuseReportInfo
AbuseReportInfo data container class.
Public classAbuseReportInfoProvider
Class providing AbuseReportInfo management.
Public classBadWordCultureInfo
BadWordCultureInfo data container class.
Public classBadWordCultureInfoProvider
Class providing BadWordCultureInfo management.
Public classBadWordInfo
BadWordInfo data container class.
Public classBadWordInfoProvider
Class providing BadWordInfo management.
Public classBadWordsHelper
Helper class for bad words.
Public classBannedIPInfo
BannedIPInfo data container class.
Public classBannedIPInfoProvider
Class providing BannedIPInfo management.
Public classCheckParameters
Summary description for CheckParameters.
Public classInvalidParametersException
Invalid parameters exception.
Public classProtectionModule
Represents the Protection module.
Public classProtectionModuleMetadata
Represents the Protection module metadata.
Public enumerationAbuseReportStatusEnum
Abuse report status enumeration.
Public enumerationBadWordActionEnum
Defines the bad word action.
Public enumerationBanControlEnum
Banned IP control enumeration Order 1,2,4,8,... is important because of bitwise operation