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CMS.Modules Namespace
Public classHelpTopicInfo
HelpTopicInfo data container class.
Public classHelpTopicInfoProvider
Class providing HelpTopicInfo management.
Public classModuleImport
Handles special actions during the Module import process.
Public classModulePackageBuilder
Allows you to create NuGet package containing all module files.
Public classModulesModule
Represents the Modules module.
Public classModulesModuleMetadata
Represents the Modules module metadata.
Public classPermissionNameInfo
Permission info data container.
Public classPermissionNameInfoProvider
Permission info data container class.
Public classResourceInfo
Resource info data container class.
Public classResourceInfoProvider
Provides access to information about resources.
Public classResourceSiteInfo
ResourceSiteInfo data container class.
Public classResourceSiteInfoProvider
Class providing ResourceSiteInfo management.
Public classRoleApplicationInfo
RoleApplicationInfo data container class.
Public classRoleApplicationInfoProvider
Class providing RoleApplicationInfo management.
Public classRolePermissionInfo
RolePermissionInfo data container class.
Public classRolePermissionInfoProvider
Class providing RolePermissionInfo management.
Public classRoleUIElementInfo
RoleUIElementInfo data container class.
Public classRoleUIElementInfoProvider
Class providing RoleUIElementInfo management.
Public classUIElementInfo
Permission info data container.
Public classUIElementInfoProvider
UIElement info data container class.
Public classVirtualModuleManager
Provides a registration of virtual modules.
Public enumerationUIElementSizeEnum
Size of the UI Element when used in UI Toolbar.