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CMS.Localization Namespace
Public classCultureInfo
Culture info data container class.
Public classCultureInfoProvider
Class to provide the culture management.
Public classCultureNotUniqueException
Throws when trying to create or update culture info without required unique values (culture code or culture alias).
Public classFileLocalizationService
Default localization service
Public classFileResourceEditor
String resource manager for use with the .resx files.
Public classFileResourceManager
String resource manager for use with the .resx files.
Public classFileResourceReader
Reader for the resource files.
Public classLocalizationActionContext
Action context uses for localization methods
Public classLocalizationContext
Localization related context methods and variables.
Public classLocalizationEventArgs
Localization event argument.
Public classLocalizationEvents
Localization events.
Public classLocalizationHandler
Localization event handler.
Public classLocalizationHelper
Resource manager class that retrieves localized strings from resources.
Public classLocalizationModule
Represents the Localization module.
Public classLocalizationModuleMetadata
Represents the Localization module metadata.
Public classLocalizationService
Localization service including the database operations
Public classLocalizationTaskType
Web farm task types for localization
Public classResourceStringInfo
Resource info data container class.
Public classResourceStringInfoBaseTInfo
ResourceStringInfo data container class.
Public classResourceStringInfoProvider
Provides access to resource strings stored in db.
Public classResourceStringInfoProviderBaseTProvider
Class providing ResourceStringInfo management.
Public classResourceTranslatedInfo
ResourceTranslated virtual object.
Public classResourceTranslationInfo
ResourceTranslationInfo data container class.
Public classResourceTranslationInfoBaseTInfo
ResourceTranslationInfo data container class.
Public classResourceTranslationInfoProvider
Resource translation management.
Public classResourceTranslationInfoProviderBaseTProvider
Class providing ResourceTranslationInfo management.