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CMS.Forums Namespace
Public classCMSOutputForumAttachment
Summary description for CMSOutputFile.
Public classForumAttachmentInfo
ForumAttachment data container class.
Public classForumAttachmentInfoProvider
Class providing ForumAttachment management.
Public classForumContext
Forum context.
Public classForumGroupInfo
ForumGroupInfo data container class.
Public classForumGroupInfoProvider
Class providing ForumGroupInfo management.
Public classForumImport
Handles special actions during the forum import process.
Public classForumInfo
ForumInfo data container class.
Public classForumInfoProvider
Class providing ForumInfo management.
Public classForumMethods
Forum methods - wrapping methods for macro resolver.
Public classForumModeratorInfo
Forum moderator binding.
Public classForumModeratorInfoProvider
Class providing ForumModeratorInfo management.
Public classForumModes
Summary description for ForumModes.
Public classForumPostInfo
ForumPostInfo data container class.
Public classForumPostInfoProvider
Class providing ForumPostInfo management.
Public classForumPostsDataSource
Forum posts data source server control.
Public classForumPostTreeNode
Tree node definition for the forum post tree.
Public classForumPostTreeProvider
Forum posts tree provider.
Public classForumRoleInfo
ForumRoleInfo data container class.
Public classForumRoleInfoProvider
Class providing ForumRoleInfo management.
Public classForumSearchIndexer
Search indexer for forums
Public classForumsModule
Represents the Forums module.
Public classForumsModuleMetadata
Represents the Forums module metadata.
Public classForumsResolvers
Resolvers used in e-mail templates and other macro visual components.
Public classForumsTaskType
Web farm task types for Forums module
Public classForumSubscriptionInfo
ForumSubscriptionInfo data container class.
Public classForumSubscriptionInfoProvider
Class providing ForumSubscriptionInfo management.
Public classForumsUploader
Multifile forums uploader class for Http handler.
Public classForumTransformationFunctions
Forum functions static class.
Public classForumUserFavoritesInfo
ForumUserFavoritesInfo data container class.
Public classForumUserFavoritesInfoProvider
Class providing ForumUserFavoritesInfo management.
Public classForumViewer
Summary description for ForumViewer.
Public classThreadEmailSender
Sends forum e-mail messages in a separate thread.
Public classThreadViewCounter
Class providing support for thread view counting.
Public classThreadViewsProcessor
Provides an ITask interface for automatic thread views processing (saving the data to DB).
Public enumerationFlatModeEnum
FlatMode enum.
Public enumerationForumActionType
Forum action type.
Public enumerationForumMode
Forum modes.
Public enumerationForumStateEnum
Enumeration of forum state.
Public enumerationShowModeEnum
ShowMode enum.