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CMS.EmailEngine Namespace
Public classAttachmentForEmailInfo
AttachmentForEmailInfo data container class.
Public classAttachmentForEmailInfoProvider
Class providing AttachmentForEmailInfo management.
Public classEmailAttachment
Extends .net e-mail attachment.
Public classEmailAttachmentInfo
EmailAttachmentInfo data container class.
Public classEmailAttachmentInfoProvider
Class providing EmailAttachmentInfo management.
Public classEmailHelper
E-mail utility methods.
Public classEmailHelperQueue
Contains simple services for queue management actions callable from UI.
Public classEmailHelperSettings
Contains settings retrieval methods.
Public classEmailInfo
EmailInfo data container class.
Public classEmailInfoProvider
Class providing EmailInfo management.
Public classEmailMessage
Represents an e-mail message.
Public classEmailModule
Represents the Email module.
Public classEmailModuleMetadata
Represents the Email module metadata.
Public classEmailProvider
Extensible provider for basic e-mail capabilities that is used internally in the e-mail engine.
Public classEmailSender
Provides interface to general e-mail sending capabilities.
Public classEmailTemplateInfo
EmailTemplateInfo data container class.
Public classEmailTemplateProvider
Provides access to email templates.
Public classEmailToken
Represents a token that encapsulates the information necessary for callbacks from the EmailProvider's asynchronous Send methods.
Public classEmailUserInfo
EmailUserInfo data container class.
Public classEmailUserInfoProvider
Class providing EmailUserInfo management.
Public classSMTPServerInfo
SMTPServerInfo data container class.
Public classSMTPServerInfoProvider
Class providing SMTPServerInfo management.
Public classSMTPServerSiteInfo
SMTPServerSiteInfo data container class.
Public classSMTPServerSiteInfoProvider
Class providing SMTPServerSiteInfo management.
Public enumerationEmailFormatEnum
Represents type of the email format used by EmailMessage object.
Public enumerationEmailMailoutEnum
Defines which e-mails should be sent when a mailout operation runs.
Public enumerationEmailPriorityEnum
E-mail priority levels used by EmailMessage object.
Public enumerationEmailStatusEnum
Statuses used by EmailMessage object.
Public enumerationEmailTemplateTypeEnum
Email template type enumeration.
Public enumerationSMTPServerDeliveryEnum
Enumeration of possible SMTP server delivery methods.
Public enumerationSMTPServerPriorityEnum
Enumeration of possible SMTP server priorities.