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CMS.Ecommerce Namespace
Public classActivityTrackingHelper
Helper methods for logging activities in CMSDesk.
Public classAddressInfo
AddressInfo data container class.
Public classAddressInfoProvider
Class providing AddressInfo management.
Public classAuthorizeNetPaymentResultInfo
Authorize.NET payment result.
Public classBaseCouponCodeInfoProviderTInfo, TProvider
Base provider for MultiBuyCouponCodeInfoProvider and CouponCodeInfoProvider
Public classBaseObjectSelector
Abstract class providing common functionality for ecommerce objects selectors.
Public classBundleInfo
BundleInfo data container class.
Public classBundleInfoProvider
Class providing BundleInfo management.
Public classCarrierInfo
CarrierInfo data container class.
Public classCarrierInfoProvider
Class providing CarrierInfo management.
Public classCartDiscountsFilter
Allows to filter list of conditional cart discounts according to its conditions and stop processing flag.
Public classCMSCurrenciesPage
Base page for the E-commerce currencies to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSCustomersPage
Base page for the E-commerce customers pages to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSDepartmentsPage
Base page for the E-commerce departments to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSDiscountCouponsPage
Base page for the E-commerce discount coupons pages to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSEcommerceConfigurationPage
Base page for the E-commerce configuration pages.
Public classCMSEcommerceModalPage
Base page for the CMS Ecommerce modal pages to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSEcommerceObjectsPage
Base page for E-commerce pages working with site specific records with option to include global records.
Public classCMSEcommercePage
Base page for the E-commerce pages to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSEcommerceStoreSettingsPage
Base page for the E-commerce store settings pages to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSExchangeRatesPage
Base page for the E-commerce exchange rates to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSInternalStatusesPage
Base page for the E-commerce internal statuses to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSManufacturersPage
Base page for the E-commerce manufacturers pages to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSOrderStatusesPage
Base page for the E-commerce order statuses to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSPaymentMethodsPage
Base page for the E-commerce payment methods to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSProductOptionCategoriesPage
Base page for the E-commerce product options pages to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSProductsPage
Base page for the E-commerce products pages to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSPublicStatusesPage
Base page for the E-commerce pubic statuses to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSShippingOptionsPage
Base page for the E-commerce shipping options.
Public classCMSSuppliersPage
Base page for the E-commerce suppliers pages to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCMSTaxClassesPage
Base page for the E-commerce tax classes to apply global settings to the pages.
Public classCouponCodeInfo
CouponCodeInfo data container class.
Public classCouponCodeInfoProvider
Class providing CouponCodeInfo management.
Public classCreditEventInfo
CreditEventInfo data container class.
Public classCreditEventInfoProvider
Class providing CreditEventInfo management.
Public classCurrencyConverter
Static wrapper for currency conversion service.
Public classCurrencyInfo
CurrencyInfo data container class.
Public classCurrencyInfoProvider
Class providing CurrencyInfo management.
Public classCustomerInfo
CustomerInfo data container class.
Public classCustomerInfoProvider
Class providing CustomerInfo management.
Public classDefaultCarrierProvider
Default carrier provider encapsulating default shipping cost calculation by weight.
Public classDefaultDeliveryBuilder
Default implementation of IDeliveryBuilder. Creates delivery objects base on shopping cart.
Public classDelivery
Class representing a delivery (bunch of items shipped together using a shipping option).
Public classDeliveryItem
Class representing one item in delivery.
Public classDepartmentInfo
DepartmentInfo data container class.
Public classDepartmentInfoProvider
Class providing DepartmentInfo management.
Public classDepartmentTaxClassInfo
DepartmentTaxClassInfo data container class.
Public classDepartmentTaxClassInfoProvider
Class providing DepartmentTaxClassInfo management.
Public classDiscount
Facade class for MultiBuyDiscountInfo and DiscountInfo
Public classDiscountCouponInfo
DiscountCouponInfo data container class.
Public classDiscountCouponInfoProvider
Class providing DiscountCouponInfo management.
Public classDiscountInfo
DiscountInfo data container class.
Public classDiscountInfoProvider
Class providing DiscountInfo management.
Public classDiscountsFilterBase
Base class for discount filters.
Public classDiscountsParameters
Represents set of discounts parameters used e.g. for discounts filtering and querying.
Public classDiscountStatusTag
Control for displaying discount status.
Public classDiscountSummaryItem
Class used for displaying order and multibuy discounts in Invoice, Email template and Shopping cart.
Public classECommerceActionContext
Ecommerce Action context. Ensures context for the actions block.
Public classECommerceContext
E-commerce context.
Public classEcommerceEvents
Global e-commerce events
Public classECommerceHelper
Custom E-commerce helper.
Public classECommerceModule
Represents the E-commerce module.
Public classECommerceModuleMetadata
Represents the E-commerce module metadata.
Public classEcommercePermissions
Class containing string constants of all e-commerce module permissions.
Public classEcommerceResolvers
Resolvers used in e-mail templates and other macro visual components.
Public classECommerceSettings
Class providing access to E-commerce related settings.
Public classECommerceTaskType
Web farm task types for E-commerce module
Public classEcommerceTransformationFunctions
Summary description for Functions.
Public classExchangeRateInfo
ExchangeRateInfo data container class.
Public classExchangeRateInfoProvider
Class providing ExchangeRateInfo management.
Public classExchangeTableInfo
ExchangeTableInfo data container class.
Public classExchangeTableInfoProvider
Class providing ExchangeTableInfo management.
Public classCheckBoxWithDropDown
CheckBoxWithDropDown control, inherited from CMSUserControl.
Public classIAddressExtensions
Extension methods for IAddress interface. Allows to get codes for countries and states.
Public classInternalStatusInfo
InternalStatusInfo data container class.
Public classInternalStatusInfoProvider
Class providing InternalStatusInfo management.
Public classItemDiscount
Class representing custom discount which should be applied to the specified shopping cart item. It implements IItemDiscount interface.
Public classItemDiscountProvider
Class providing calculation of custom discounts.
Public classItemTax
Class representing tax which should be applied to the specified shopping cart item. It implements IItemTax interface.
Public classManufacturerInfo
ManufacturerInfo data container class.
Public classManufacturerInfoProvider
Class providing ManufacturerInfo management.
Public classMultiBuyCouponCodeInfo
MultiBuyCouponCodeInfo data container class.
Public classMultiBuyCouponCodeInfoProvider
Class providing MultiBuyCouponCodeInfo management.
Public classMultiBuyDiscount
Class implementing multibuy discount from calculation point of view.
Public classMultiBuyDiscountDepartmentInfo
MultiBuyDiscountDepartmentInfo data container class.
Public classMultiBuyDiscountDepartmentInfoProvider
Class providing MultiBuyDiscountDepartmentInfo management.
Public classMultiBuyDiscountInfo
MultiBuyDiscountInfo data container class.
Public classMultiBuyDiscountInfoProvider
Class providing MultiBuyDiscountInfo management.
Public classMultiBuyDiscountsApplicator
Class applying discount on given shopping cart items.
Public classMultiBuyDiscountsAutoAdder
Class calculating missed discount opportunities and adding discounted items to the shopping cart automatically.
Public classMultiBuyDiscountsEvaluator
Class handling application of multi buy discounts on set of cart items. Discounts are based on the most expensive products. Discounts are applied to cheapest products.
Public classMultiBuyDiscountSKUInfo
MultiBuyDiscountSKUInfo data container class.
Public classMultiBuyDiscountSKUInfoProvider
Class providing MultiBuyDiscountSKUInfo management.
Public classNewOrderCreatedEventArgs
Event arguments for "new order created" event
Public classNewOrderCreatedHandler
New order created (through checkout process) event handler
Public classOptionCategoryInfo
OptionCategoryInfo data container class.
Public classOptionCategoryInfoProvider
Class providing OptionCategoryInfo management.
Public classOrderAddressInfo
OrderAddressInfo data container class.
Public classOrderAddressInfoProvider
Class providing AddressInfo management.
Public classOrderInfo
OrderInfo data container class.
Public classOrderInfoProvider
Class providing OrderInfo management.
Public classOrderItemInfo
OrderItemInfo data container class.
Public classOrderItemInfoProvider
Class providing OrderItemInfo management.
Public classOrderItemSKUFileInfo
OrderItemSKUFileInfo data container class.
Public classOrderItemSKUFileInfoProvider
Class providing OrderItemSKUFileInfo management.
Public classOrderPaidEventArgs
Event arguments for "order paid" event
Public classOrderPaidHandler
Order paid event handler
Public classOrdersCollection
Collection of customer orders represented by OrderInfo objects
Public classOrderStatusInfo
OrderStatusInfo data container class.
Public classOrderStatusInfoProvider
Class providing OrderStatusInfo management.
Public classOrderStatusUserInfo
OrderStatusUserInfo data container class.
Public classOrderStatusUserInfoProvider
Class providing OrderStatusUserInfo management.
Public classPaymentOptionInfo
PaymentOptionInfo data container class.
Public classPaymentOptionInfoProvider
Class providing PaymentOptionInfo management.
Public classPaymentResultInfo
Class representing payment result.
Public classPaymentResultItemInfo
Class representing payment result item (= one payment result xml node).
Public classPaymentShippingInfo
PaymentShippingInfo data container class.
Public classPaymentShippingInfoProvider
Class providing PaymentShippingInfo management.
Public classPayPalPaymentResultInfo
PayPal payment result.
Public classPriorityInlineEdit
Inline edit for discount priority.
Public classProductAttributeSet
Product attributes set with enhanced functionality
Public classProductDiscountsFilter
Allows to filter list of conditional product discounts according to its conditions and stop processing flag.
Public classProductHelper
Provides advanced manipulation with products and product options.
Public classProductOptionSelector
Base class of the option category sku selector control.
Public classProductsDataSource
Products data source server control.
Public classProductUIHelper
Helper methods for product UI
Public classProductVariant
Envelope form variant-type SKU object, that provides advanced methods a features.
Public classPublicStatusInfo
PublicStatusInfo data container class.
Public classPublicStatusInfoProvider
Class providing PublicStatusInfo management.
Public classRandomCodeGenerator
Class generating random coupon codes according to specified pattern.
Public classRecalculationSettings
Class providing settings for prices recalculations.
Public classSelectBundleInventoryType
Form control for bundle inventory selection.
Public classShippingCostInfo
ShippingCostInfo data container class.
Public classShippingCostInfoProvider
Class providing ShippingCostInfo management.
Public classShippingOptionInfo
ShippingOptionInfo data container class.
Public classShippingOptionInfoProvider
Class providing ShippingOptionInfo management.
Public classShippingOptionTaxClassInfo
ShippingOptionTaxClassInfo data container class.
Public classShippingOptionTaxClassInfoProvider
Class providing ShippingOptionTaxClassInfo management.
Public classShoppingCartCleaner
Provides an ITask interface to delete old shopping carts.
Public classShoppingCartCheckResult
Container for results of cart item checks.
Public classShoppingCartInfo
ShoppingCartInfo data container class.
Public classShoppingCartInfoProvider
Class providing ShoppingCartInfo management.
Public classShoppingCartItemCheckResult
Class encapsulating the results of cart item check.
Public classShoppingCartItemInfo
Shopping cart item data container class.
Public classShoppingCartItemInfoProvider
Class providing ShoppingCartItemInfo management.
Public classShoppingCartItemParameters
Data container of the parameters which represent configuration of the shopping cart item to be added/updated in the shopping cart object.
Public classSiteSeparatedObjectSelector
Abstract class providing common functionality for selectors offering site-separated objects.
Public classSKUAllowedOptionInfo
SKUAllowedOptionInfo data container class. Represents binding between product and product option which is suitable for given product.
Public classSKUAllowedOptionInfoProvider
Class providing SKUAllowedOptionInfo management.
Public classSKUDiscountCouponInfo
SKUDiscountCouponInfo data container class.
Public classSKUDiscountCouponInfoProvider
Class providing SKUDiscountCouponInfo management.
Public classSKUFileInfo
SKUFileInfo data container class.
Public classSKUFileInfoProvider
Class providing SKUFileInfo management.
Public classSKUImport
Handles special actions during the SKU import process.
Public classSKUInfo
SKUInfo data container class.
Public classSKUInfoProvider
Class providing SKUInfo management.
Public classSKUOptionCategoryInfo
SKUOptionCategoryInfo data container class.
Public classSKUOptionCategoryInfoProvider
Class providing SKUOptionCategoryInfo management.
Public classSKUTaxClassInfo
SKUTaxClassInfo data container class.
Public classSKUTaxClassInfoProvider
Class providing SKUTaxClassInfo management.
Public classSKUTreeNode
Class representing document connected with product
Public classSKUTreeNodeFactory
Factory that provides SKUTreeNode for product document types
Public classSupplierInfo
SupplierInfo data container class.
Public classSupplierInfoProvider
Class providing SupplierInfo management.
Public classTaxClassCountryInfo
TaxClassCountryInfo data container class.
Public classTaxClassCountryInfoProvider
Class providing TaxClassCountryInfo management.
Public classTaxClassInfo
TaxClassInfo data container class.
Public classTaxClassInfoProvider
Class providing TaxClassInfo management.
Public classTaxClassStateInfo
TaxClassStateInfo data container class.
Public classTaxClassStateInfoProvider
Class providing TaxClassStateInfo management.
Public classTextBoxWithLabel
TextBoxWithLabel, inherited from CMSTextBox.
Public classUserDepartmentInfo
UserDepartmentInfo data container class.
Public classUserDepartmentInfoProvider
Class providing UserDepartmentInfo management.
Public classVariantHelper
Provides advanced manipulation with product variants.
Public classVariantOptionInfo
VariantOptionInfo data container class. Represents binding between variant of product and product option which the respective variant contains.
Public classVariantOptionInfoProvider
Class providing VariantOptionInfo management.
Public classVolumeDiscountInfo
VolumeDiscountInfo data container class.
Public classVolumeDiscountInfoProvider
Class providing VolumeDiscountInfo management.
Public classWishlistItemInfo
WishlistItemInfo data container class.
Public classWishlistItemInfoProvider
Class providing WishlistItemInfo management.
Public interfaceIAddress
Address interface used to encapsulate OrderAddressInfo and Customer's AddressInfo
Public interfaceICanLogDiscountUsage
Interface for discount-like object that is able to log it was used.
Public interfaceICanUseDiscountCoupons
Interface for discount-like object that is able to use coupons.
Public interfaceICarrierProvider
Interface providing base methods and properties for carrier providers.
Public interfaceIConditionalDiscount
Represents discount which is applicable only if specific macro condition is met.
Public interfaceICurrencyConverter
Defines methods that convert money between currencies.
Public interfaceICurrencyConverterFactory
Defines the contract that class factories must implement to create new ICurrencyConverter objects.
Public interfaceIDeliveryBuilder
Interface for classes able to create Delivery objects from shopping cart.
Public interfaceIItemDiscount
General interface used for implementing and calculating discount of the shopping cart item.
Public interfaceIItemTax
General interface used for implementing and calculating tax of the shopping cart item.
Public interfaceIMultiBuyDiscount
Interface for discounts in form: "Buy N units of these products... and get M unit of these products for free".
Public interfaceIMultiBuyDiscountsApplicator
Interface implemented by applicators of multibuy discounts.
Public interfaceIPrioritizable
Interface providing access to priority of object.
Public enumerationApplyTaxBasedOnEnum
Options saying what the taxes are to be based on.
Public enumerationBundleInventoryTypeEnum
Inventory removal options for bundle products.
Public enumerationDiscountApplicationEnum
Discount application enumeration.
Public enumerationDiscountCustomerEnum
Discount customer selection enumeration.
Public enumerationDiscountStatusEnum
Discount status enumerator.
Public enumerationDiscountTypeEnum
Discount type.
Public enumerationOptionCategorySelectionTypeEnum
Type of control to select product options.
Public enumerationOptionCategoryTypeEnum
Type of the product option category.
Public enumerationPayPalPaymentStatusEnum
PayPal payment status.
Public enumerationProductsTreeModeEnum
Options specifying how will the products be organized in product management UI.
Public enumerationSKUProductTypeEnum
SKU product type options.
Public enumerationTrackInventoryTypeEnum
Track Inventory Methods