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CMS.Community Namespace
Public classCommunityContext
Site related context methods and variables.
Public classCommunityMethods
Community methods - wrapping methods for macro resolver.
Public classCommunityModule
Represents the Community module.
Public classCommunityModuleMetadata
Represents the Community module metadata.
Public classCommunityResolvers
Resolvers used in e-mail templates and other macro visual components.
Public classFriendInfo
FriendInfo data container class.
Public classFriendInfoProvider
Class providing FriendInfo management.
Public classFriendsActionControl
Summary description for FriendsActionControl.
Public classFriendsDataSource
Friends data source server control.
Public classGroupInfo
GroupInfo data container class.
Public classGroupInfoProvider
Class providing GroupInfo management.
Public classGroupMemberInfo
GroupMemberInfo data container class.
Public classGroupMemberInfoProvider
Class providing GroupMemberInfo management.
Public classGroupRolePermissionInfo
Class providing Group/Role/Permission data.
Public classGroupRolePermissionInfoProvider
Class providing GroupRolePermissionInfo management.
Public classGroupsDataSource
Groups data source server control.
Public classInvitationInfo
InvitationInfo data container class.
Public classInvitationInfoProvider
Class providing InvitationInfo management.
Public classMembersDataSource
Members data source server control.
Public enumerationFriendsActionEnum
Friends action enumeration.
Public enumerationGroupApproveMembersEnum
Group members approve enumeration.
Public enumerationGroupMemberStatus
Memebr status enumeration.