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CMS.CMSImportExport Namespace
Public classAbstractImportExportSettings
Abstract class for import and export settings.
Public classDocumentImportEventArgs
Document import event arguments
Public classExportBaseEventArgs
Export base event arguments
Public classExportCanceledHandler
Export canceled handler
Public classExportErrorEventArgs
Export error event arguments
Public classExportErrorHandler
Export error handler
Public classExportEventArgs
Export event arguments
Public classExportGetDataEventArgs
Get export data event arguments
Public classExportGetDataHandler
Get export data handler
Public classExportGetSelectionWhereConditionHandler
Get selection where condition for export process handler
Public classExportHandler
Export handler
Public classExportHistoryInfo
ExportHistoryInfo data container class.
Public classExportHistoryInfoProvider
Class providing ExportHistoryInfo management.
Public classExportLoadSelectionArgs
Event arguments for events based on object type in export process
Public classExportLoadSelectionHandler
Load export default selection handler
Public classExportManager
Export manager class.
Public classExportProvider
Class for exporting the objects and sites.
Public classExportSelectionArgs
Event arguments for events based on object type
Public classExportTaskInfo
ExportTaskInfo data container class.
Public classExportTaskInfoProvider
Class providing ExportTaskInfo management.
Public classExportWebTemplateAdditionalObject
Web template additional object
Public classExportWebTemplateSettings
Settings for exporting web template.
Public classFileOperation
Class representing file operation.
Public classFileOperationCollection
Collection of files for processing.
Public classGetBinaryDataSourcePathEventArgs
Get binary data source path event arguments
Public classGetBinaryDataSourcePathHandler
Get binary data source path handler
Public classGetObjectTypeFolderArgs
Event arguments for event to get object type package folder
Public classGetObjectTypeFolderHandler
Get object type package folder handler
Public classGetObjectWhereConditionArgs
Event arguments for events based on object type
Public classGetObjectWhereConditionHandler
Get object where condition handler
Public classImportBaseEventArgs
Import base event arguments
Public classImportBaseHandler
Base import handler
Public classImportBindingsHandler
Import bindings handler
Public classImportCanceledHandler
Import canceled handler
Public classImportConverter
Import package conversion.
Public classImportDataEventArgs
Import data event arguments
Public classImportDataHandler
Import data handler - processes the original data from import package
Public classImportedObject
Imported object info
Public classImportErrorEventArgs
Import error event arguments
Public classImportErrorHandler
Import error handler
Public classImportEventArgs
Import event arguments
Public classImportExportBaseEventArgsSettingsType
Import/Export base event arguments
Public classImportExportEvents
Import export events
Public classImportExportHelper
Helper class for import/export process
Public classImportExportModule
Represents the Import/Export module.
Public classImportExportModuleMetadata
Represents the Import/Export module metadata.
Public classImportGetDataEventArgs
Get import data event arguments
Public classImportGetDataHandler
Get import data handler
Public classImportHandler
Import handler
Public classImportLoadSelectionArgs
Event arguments for events based on object type in import process
Public classImportLoadSelectionHandler
Load import default selection handler
Public classImportManager
Class representing import manager.
Public classImportObjectTypeArgs
Event arguments for events based on object type
Public classImportObjectTypeHandler
Import object type handler
Public classImportParameters
Import parameters
Public classImportProcessFileOperationEventArgs
Process file operation event arguments
Public classImportProcessFileOperationHandler
Process file operation handler
Public classImportProvider
Ensures import of data and settings.
Public classImportSpecialCaseContext
Class representing context for import special cases.
Public classLoadSelectionArgsSettingsType
Event arguments for events based on object type
Public classLoadSelectionHandlerEventArgsType
Load default selection handler
Public classObjectTypeListItem
Container for I/E object types list item.
Public classProcessCanceledException
Exception for the cancelation of the process.
Public classProcessDeleteTaskArgs
Process delete task event arguments
Public classProcessDeleteTaskHandler
Process delete task handler
Public classSimpleDataImportHandler
Simple data import handler
Public classSimpleImportHandler
Simple import handler
Public classSimpleImportHandlerParameterType
Simple import handler with one parameter
Public classSingleExportSelectionEventArgs
Single export object selection event arguments
Public classSingleExportSelectionHandler
Single export object selection handler
Public classSiteExportSettings
Class representing export settings.
Public classSiteImportSettings
Class representing import settings.
Public classSpecialActions
Handles special actions during the import/export process.
Public classSpecialActionsEvents
Import export special actions events
Public classTranslateColumnsEventArgs
Translate columns event arguments
Public classTranslateColumnsHandler
Translate columns handler
Public classVersionInfo
Class for version info.
Public classWebTemplateInfo
WebPart info data container class.
Public classWebTemplateInfoProvider
Provides access to information about web template.
Public enumerationExportTypeEnum
Export type enumeration.
Public enumerationFileOperationEnum
File operation enumeration.
Public enumerationFileOperationParamaterTypeEnum
File operation parameter type.
Public enumerationFileResultEnum
File result enumeration.
Public enumerationHashtableEnum
Hashtable type enumeration.
Public enumerationImportTypeEnum
Import type enumeration.
Public enumerationNewSiteCreationEnum
New site wizard enumeration.
Public enumerationProcessObjectEnum
Type of object processing enumeration.
Public enumerationResultEnum
Enumeration for the object import result.