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FacebookConnectHelper Methods

The FacebookConnectHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberFacebookConnectInitForSignOut Obsolete.
Sets Facebook Connect initialization script to specified literal and returns logout script for sign out button. Method returns null if Facebook Connect is disabled or current user is not logged in using Facebook Connect.
Public methodStatic memberFacebookIsAvailable
Indicates if Facebook Connect is available/enabled on specified site.
Public methodStatic memberGetFacebookApiKey
Returns api key.
Public methodStatic memberGetFacebookAppSecretKey
Returns application secret.
Public methodStatic memberGetFacebookEnabled
Indicates if Facebook Connect is enabled for specified site.
Public methodStatic memberGetFacebookInitScriptForSite
Returns script for Facebook Connect initialization.
Public methodStatic memberGetFacebookLoginHandlerScript
Returns login handler script.
Public methodStatic memberGetFacebookLogoutScriptForSignOut
Returns Facebook Connect logout script including check whether user is logged to Facebook (if not additional script is executed).
Public methodStatic memberGetFacebookXmlNamespace
Returns Facebook Connect XML namespace.
Public methodStatic memberInitializeFacebookConnect
Ensures Facebook connect is initialized. Call on module initialization
Public methodStatic memberValidateFBAccessToken
Validate FB access token against
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