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IS3ObjectInfoProvider Methods

The IS3ObjectInfoProvider type exposes the following members.

Public methodAppendTextToObject
Appends text to Amazon S3 storage object.
Public methodCopyObjects
Copies object to another.
Public methodCreateEmptyObject
Creates empty object.
Public methodDeleteObject
Deletes object from Amazon S3 storage.
Public methodGetInfo(String)
Returns new instance of S3ObjectInfo.
Public methodGetInfo(String, Boolean)
Initializes new instance of S3 object info with specified bucket name.
Public methodGetObjectContent
Returns object content as a CMS.IO.Stream.
Public methodGetObjectsList
Returns list with objects from given bucket and under given path.
Public methodObjectExists
Returns whether object exists.
Public methodPutDataFromStreamToObject
Puts data from stream to Amazon S3 storage.
Public methodPutFileToObject
Puts file to Amazon S3 storage.
Public methodPutTextToObject
Puts text to Amazon S3 storage object.
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