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MacroRuleMetadata Fields

The MacroRuleMetadata type exposes the following members.

Public fieldAffectingActivities
Activities that affect given macro rule (that means if any of these activities performs, the rule should be recalculated).
Public fieldAffectingAttributes
Determines whether the macro rule is affected by change of contact's attribute.
Public fieldStatic memberALL_ACTIVITIES
A constant representing all activities. Is used in AffectingActivities to mark that all activities affect this macro rule.
Public fieldStatic memberALL_ATTRIBUTES
A constant representing all attributes. Is used in AffectingAttributes to mark that all attributes affect this macro rule.
Public fieldMacroRuleName
Codename of the MacroRuleInfo.
Public fieldStatic membermAllActivitiesList
List with ALL_ACTIVITIES to mark that the rule should be recalculated on every activity.
Public fieldTranslator
A translator to use for MacroRuleInfo with MacroRuleName.
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