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NewsletterEvents Fields

The NewsletterEvents type exposes the following members.

Public fieldStatic memberGeneratePreview
Event that is called when preview is being generated for a subscriber. Altering of preview content that is being displayed is available through PreviewHtml property. The event is triggered in GetPreviewHTML(IssueInfo, SubscriberInfo) method.
Public fieldStatic memberGenerateQueueItems
Fired when issue is being sent in newsletter. If you cancel this event, e-mails won't be generated into newsletter queue (see EmailQueueItemInfo) and sent afterwards. You can use this event to manually add items to queue for your custom subscriber.
Public fieldStatic memberObtainSubscriberAddresses
Is called when newsletter module is asking other modules that have custom subscriber type (see SubscriberType property) for e-mail addresses that an issue will be sent to. The event arguments are a SubscriberInfo of the subscriber that the e-mails are being obtained and reference to a set of addresses. Handlers subscribing to this event should then check whether the subscriber is of required type and fill the given set of addresses with its own addresses.
Public fieldStatic memberResolveMacros
Fired when all newsletter text macros are being resolved. This includes: - resolving context-free macros for the whole issue before sending - resolving macros with Subscriber context for each recipient - resolving macros in the e-mail preview mode - when link tracking is enabled and tracking link is being changed to the original one, macros in original link are resolved - ...
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