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DataExportHelper Fields

The DataExportHelper type exposes the following members.

Protected fieldStatic memberDEFAULT_COLUMN_NAME
Name of element representing column used when there is no other name available.
Protected fieldStatic memberDEFAULT_TEMPLATE_NAME
Default name of Excel export template.
Protected fieldStatic memberMAX_EXCEL_CELL_SIZE
Maximum size of Excel cell.
Protected fieldmDataExportTemplatePath
Holds path leading to Excel export template.
Protected fieldmDataSource
Source of data.
Protected fieldmExportedColumns
Holds actually exported columns.
Protected fieldmFileName
File of name to export (without extension).
Protected fieldmFileNameWithExtension
File of name to export with extension.
Protected fieldmMacroResolver
Holds macro resolver.
Protected fieldmUseSharedStringStorage
Indicates whether to use shared string table during Excel export.
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