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FixXHTMLSettings Fields

The FixXHTMLSettings type exposes the following members.

Public fieldAttributes
Fix attribute names and values to make sure they are in valid format and using correct quotes
Public fieldHTML5
Fix HTML5 obsolete attributes, converts the attributes to corresponding CSS classes or CSS styles, such as class="cellspacing_0"
Public fieldIndent
Ensures proper indentation of the HTML (make it nice).
Public fieldJavascript
Fix javascript filter, ensures that all javascript tags contain the type attribute
Public fieldLowerCase
Lowercase tags filter, lowercases tag names and attribute names in the HTML
Public fieldResolveUrl
Resolve URL filter, resolves all relative URLs starting with ~/
Public fieldSelfClose
Self close filter, closes all tags that are self-closing, and missing the end tag
Public fieldTableToDiv
Converts TABLE tags to DIV tags
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