IsolatedIntegrationTests ClassKentico 8.0 API Reference
Allows integration tests to run in isolation as for each test a clean database with current schema and default objects is created.
Inheritance Hierarchy

OnlineSystem Object
  CMS.Tests AbstractsTestsBase
    CMS.Tests IsolatedIntegrationTests

Namespace: CMS.Tests
Assembly: CMS.Tests (in CMS.Tests.dll) Version: (8.0.5239.26125)

The isolated integration tests use LocalDB to create and drop databases when needed. It works with two types of database. The master database is created using SQL scripts from the Kentico solution. For each modification of this folder a new master database is created. The master database is detached after it has been created and its files are copied to create an instance database that a running test will use. The instance and master databases share a name, but the file names are different. The instance database is removed when a test finishes and a master database, that is out of date, is removed automatically.
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