CMS.Tests NamespaceKentico 8.0 API Reference

Public classAbstractsTestsBase
Base class for advanced tests
Public classBenchmark
Benchmark class
Public classBenchmarkResult
Benchmark result class
Public classCMSAssert
Custom assertions
Public classFakeClassStructureInfo
Class structure info for testing purposes
Public classFakeClassStructureInfo T 
Class structure info for testing purposes
Public classFakeStorageProvider
Testing IO storage provider. Usage example: [Test] public void SampleTestMethod() { TestStorageProvider provider = TestStorageProvider.GetMappedProvider(); provider.FileObject.ReadAllText("path").ReturnsForAnyArgs("text"); string result = CMS.IO.File.ReadAllText("path"); Assert.AreEqual("text", result); }
Public classInfoFake
Fakes the given info
Public classInfoFake TInfo 
Fakes the given info
Public classInfoProviderFake TInfo, TProvider 
Fakes the given info and provider
Public classIntegrationTests
Base class for integration tests
Public classIsolatedIntegrationTests
Allows integration tests to run in isolation as for each test a clean database with current schema and default objects is created.
Public classIsolatedUnitTests
Base class for unit test with isolation of the context
Public classUnitTestExtensions
Extension methods for tests
Public classUnitTests
Base class for integration tests

Public interfaceIFake
Interface for the fakes