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The Kentico CMS Web Parts reference contains detailed documentation for all web parts that are included in the default Kentico CMS installation and its sample websites. Web parts are basic building blocks used to design the pages of a website through the portal engine interface. The structure of this guide reflects the web part catalog offered in CMS Desk, so users can easily find information about a specific web part and its configuration options by looking into the appropriate category.


To learn more about web parts in general, please read the Development -> Web parts chapter of the Developer's Guide.


Printing web part documentation


If you wish to access this documentation in a format suitable for printing, please log in to your site as a global administrator and type in the following URL into your browser: <website URL>/CMSPages/Dialogs/documentation.aspx?allwebparts=true


It is recommended to use the FireFox browser to ensure correct formatting and page breaking.


Help URL: http://devnet.kentico.com/docs/webparts/index.html?web_parts_overview.htm